Panther Sports, 10.01.14, Chris Colo

Chris Colo talks with Panther Sports’ Ashley Pereira about his photography skills.

Panther Sports, 09.29.14, Annemarie and Wavie Chin

Dana McLaughlin introduces us to the differences and similarities of HPU volleyball twins Annemarie and Wavie Chin.

Panther Sports, 09.26.14, Collin Sweeney

Connor Schaney introduces us to HPU soccer player and graphic artist, Collin Sweeney.

Panther Sports, 09.24.14, Chelsea Blanford

Erin Lynch tells the story of Chelsea Blanford, who serves volleyballs on the court, and serves others off the court.

Panther Sports, 09.22.14, Freshman Transitions

Dylan Smith interviews HPU cross country runner Kelly Hayes about the transition from high school star to college athlete.


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