Panther Sports, 11.21.14, Latrice Phelps

Dylan Smith reports on how Latrice Phelps uses her basketball skills in her work with children.

Panthers Sports, 11.19.14, Jorge Perez-Laham

Jorge Perez-Laham is a solid three-point shooter, thanks in part to his mother. Ashley Pereira reports.

Panther Sports, 11.17.14, Kristin Heldt & Haley Barnes

Dana McLaughlin explores the leadership qualities of Kristin Heldt and Haley Barnes.

Panther Sports, 11.14.14, Katie Vincent

Erin Lynch interviews Katie Vincent, an HPU volleyball player who is making the transition to the HPU women’s basketball team.

Panther Sports, 11.12.14, Amy Burch

Richard Hermansdorfer interviews Amy Burch about how she decided to play soccer despite her promising tennis skills.


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